7 Causes of Muscle Pain / Tension:

EASOTHOL Soothing Spray

Easothol Soothing Spray is a soothing and nourishing spray mist enriched with essential oils, for effective soothing of discomfort. Designed with super-fine mist technology, it absorbs rapidly onto the skin to provide effective soothing, without any sticky and greasy feeling, leaving behind a calm and comfortable feeling.

Why is Easothol effective?

1. Revitalize Your Day: Easothol Soothing Spray

Ever experienced sore pain after starting a new exercise routine? It’s that ache and discomfort from your hardworking muscles and creaky joints, especially when you think about doing more squats. It’s pretty similar when you hit an age where sleeping in a weird position can leave you in pain all day – we get it, it’s a real struggle!

But hey, the Easothol Soothing Spray range has something exciting for you. It offers the comforting and revitalizing feel of essential oils specially made to go deep into your skin. How? Well, it’s a mix of cold and heat treatments in every spray. The goal? To get you back into your routine feeling better sooner.

2. Advantages of Easothol Soothing Spray

Easothol Soothing Spray is designed with advanced super-fine mist spray technology to accelerate absorption into the skin.


3. Effectively relieves

Product Review

Easothol is truly effective for relieving muscle pain. I use it as part of my routine before heading to the gym. I recommend everyone to give this product a try.
Adam Ismail
Personal Trainer
Easothol Soothing Spray is very easy to use, especially for hard-to-reach areas. It's highly effective in relieving neck pain and body aches.
Nurul Aina
Graphic Designer
The calming scent of Easothol's essential oils is really soothing. It works well to ease stress and body aches after a long day of work.

Jack Ooi
Sales Executive

Easothol Soothing Spray

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